After a scene in Zendaya‘s new HBO show, Euphoria, made waves over the weekend, Louis Tomlinson felt the need to speak out. After all, the scene depicted him — well, an animated, fictional version of him — hooking up with his former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles as one of the Europhia character’s fanfictions was brought to life. Within the Sunday, June 30 episode of the show, the fictional story is credited with starting the Larry Stylinson conspiracy theory, which posited that Louis and Harry were secretly in love despite their numerous denials. But on Monday, July 1, the singer took to Twitter to let fans know that he had no part in approving the scene.

After the episode aired, fans couldn’t help but talk about the shocking scene. “Just going to sit and hope that [Louis and Harry] for some reason approved it because surely they had to to get it aired, 😭😭” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Harry seems quite friendly with the people involved, but you can just TELL Louis [is] not gonna like it. 😬” For the record, he didn’t — and after seeing this tweet, he took the opportunity to respond. “I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it,” he wrote back.

Yikes. In the past, Louis has been fairly vocal about shutting down the Larry theory. In September 2012, while he was in a relationship Eleanor Calder (who he split from in 2015, then later started dating again in 2017), he tweeted, “Larry is the biggest load of bulls–t I’ve ever heard. I’m happy. Why can’t you accept that?” In November 2014, he further quashed the conspiracy when he confirmed on Twitter that he is “in fact straight.” And in a 2017 interview with The Sun, he finally put the rumors to rest for real.

Denying that Larry was real, Louis admitted that the fervent shipping actually hurt his close friendship with Harry. “It kind of happened naturally for me and Harry because a certain amount of the fans drew up this conspiracy,” he explained. “It created this atmosphere between the two of us where everyone was looking into everything we did. It took away the vibe you get off anyone. It made everything, I think on both fences, a little bit more unapproachable.” Though Harry and Louis may one day be able to mend their friendship, one thing seems clear: They won’t do it by bonding over Euphoria.

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