She’s venting her frustrations. Double Shot at Love finalist Nikki Hall took to Twitter to put Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio on blast after the season finale on June 27. In response to fans who questioned the legitimacy of their relationship, Nikki posted some of their alleged text messages.

“Let’s get one thing clear. It was VERY mutual and he was just as INTENSE! Y’all want to make me out to be clingy and [crazy] over a situation [you know] NOTHING about. I fed off of his vibe and lead but behind my back he mocked my [feelings] humiliated me publicly and have yet to say ‘I’m sorry,'” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet, while also sharing a screenshot of their text exchange.

In one alleged message, Pauly playfully dares Nikki to look at another guy and continues to flirt with her. “You don’t have to change a single cell in ur mind or body. I love u just the way u are,” another text reads. As viewers saw on the finale, the 38-year-old reality star sent both of his top choices home ⁠— Nikki and fellow finalist Derynn Paige ⁠— and surprisingly decided to “ride solo.”

Pauly D Double Shot at love Nikki Hall Heart Coward

When the reunion aired, Pauly revealed why he decided to block Nikki on both Instagram and Twitter after their romance fizzled. “It was just a lot,” he said. “The paragraphs and stuff, it was just a lot.” The reality star said that he did have feelings for Nikki at one point, but claimed that’s why he pulled away. On the other hand, Nikki said that Pauly shut her down because she didn’t fly to Las Vegas — something he denied. “That’s bulls–t,” he responded. “Because you did.”

After all of the drama played out on TV, Nikki shared her thoughts on the matter in another Twitter update. “Let’s get this straight … I am VERY impulsive and when I’m pissed, I see red,” she wrote. “We know this. But I find it very funny for someone to say they care (or in their defense, FAKE care) solely to manipulate and mock my real emotions PUBLICLY! I had EVERY right to defend myself!”

Pauly’s former flame also opened up about if she has any regrets about her experience. “Why yes, actually! I regret giving my heart to a coward and I regret falling for a lie but better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all,” Nikki tweeted on July 1. “I’d rather be known for the person that feels too much than someone that feels nothing.”

Pauly didn’t reply to Nikki’s tweets directly, but he did repost a message on July 1 that read, “a positive mind towards everything will give you a happier life.”

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