In this week’s Little Women: LA sneak peak of the season finale, Christy Gibel catches her daughter Autumn sneaking out to get a tattoo. To make matters worse, the blue butterfly design is pretty much complete by the time the protective mother finds out. Check out the video above to watch the exclusive clip of the Season 7 finale! 

Although she was visibly very upset, Christy actually had a surprisingly cool reaction to her only daughter’s new ink. “I have four tattoos. My first one was on my hoohah,” the reality star explained. “The one on my back I let my son draw when he was like, 10. It’s a rainbow with a pot of gold! And now that I’m older, and fatter, it looks like a penis. So I can’t be a hypocrite and get mad at her. But I’m still freaking out!” 

Christy had a pretty common concern any mother would have: how Autumn’s tattoo would affect her job. “This is my decision,” the 18-year-old said, to which her mom replied with, “Yeah, but you’re a realtor,” slightly out of breath. But Autumn already had a thought-out solution for that, saying that she’ll just cover up the ink with some makeup. We’ll just have to tune in tonight to see if Christy eventually comes around to the idea of her daughter having a tattoo! 

Watch the season finale of Little Women: LA, airing tonight, Wednesday, July 25, at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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