Things got really intense between Mika Winkler and Christy Gibel on Little Women: LA. Mika is the newest cast member on the hit Lifetime reality TV series, and she's already accidentally earned herself the title of villain after fans interpreted some of the comments she made to Christy as "fat-shaming." But in an exclusive interview with In Touch, Mika explained her side of the story and she said that she was "absolutely devastated" by the way her fight with Christy played out on camera.

"All of us had been trying to encourage Christy to change her lifestyle and eat healthier an exercise more — only for the reason that she is terrified of surgery," Mika said, explaining why she had made comments about the foods that Christy decided to indulge in during the cast trip to Slovang, CA. "She’s backed out on one surgery and she almost died under the knife on her previous surgery, and it was really scary to hear that."

Mika explained that as a friend, it was hard to hear that Christy had been thinking about going under the knife for a cosmetic procedure. "I felt like I could encourage her in a way to find a different option," Mika told In Touch. "So we were all actually questioning what she was eating, even Tonya [Banks] was saying, 'Hey, you know, should you be eating that?' It wasn’t only me, we were all working together as a group trying to motivate her."

Their conversation about Christy's eating habits came to a boiling point when Mika picked up a cream puff that Christy was eating and smashed it in her face. Mika said that was not the way she wanted it to end, and she even said that she regretted her behavior.

"It looked really bad and in no way — this is the most important message I have — in no way did I want her to feel insecure about her body and for anyone else to feel that way by that incident because we all have differences," Mika said. "I have a difference, and I’m constantly struggling with that and feeling insecure about that so I would never want people to feel bad about themselves because of that incident. I only want to show people that we have a difference and that doesn’t stop us from getting the goals we want accomplished."

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But eventually, Mika and Christy were able to talk about the incident and the ladies had a super sweet heart-to-heart — and Christy ended up accepting Mika's heartfelt apology.

"She wouldn’t have forgiven me if she didn’t know that I am a good person," Mika said. "She would’ve never forgave me that quick, that’s just kind of proof that I had no bad intentions and that it was just me being crazy. I regret [it] and I wish it didn’t happen, and I don’t want it to look like I am judging people’s bodies. I’m a mother, I’m raising two girls right now, I don’t ever want my girls to feel like they can’t stand up for themselves or voice their opinions on the way people are treating them. I’ve raised them to be very independent and stand up for themselves. This is not the message that I want to put out. I don’t want people to think that I’m being unkind to other people."

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