Keeping up. Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff shared an update with her husband, Zach Roloff, about their daughter Lilah’s possible hearing impairment and speech delays.

In a teaser clip for the Tuesday, November 29, episode shared by People, Tori, 31, explained that Lilah, 3, recently had a doctor’s appointment with a specialist after she failed a hearing test during her annual checkup.

“They were worried that she has water behind her ears and that she maybe couldn’t hear us all the way, like it was muffled,” she shared in a confessional. “It’s a possibility that’s contributing to her delay in speech, so today I took her to a hearing specialist to have more tests run on her to figure out what’s happening.”

While Zach, 32, and Tori were out to dinner with their three kids, their eldest son, Jackson, asked Lilah – who has the type of dwarfism called achondroplasia – if she could hear him.

After Liliah insisted she could hear Jackson, 5, Tori said that the results from the appointment were positive and that Lilah has “perfect hearing.”

“She’s just slow in talking,” the mother of three added. “The reason why she failed the pressure test at the pediatrician’s office is because she has just an irregularly shaped ear drum, but there’s no water.”

Tori continued in a confessional, “I think it was a relief to hear that yes, she doesn’t have a hearing issue.”

Zach called the news a “huge relief,” adding, “Doesn’t need any sort of surgeries or anything.”

The couple also discussed the possibility of putting Lilah in speech therapy to help improve her talking. Zach then pointed out that because of Tori’s background as a schoolteacher may their daughter work on her speech at home.

“Once Jackson starts full days of kindergarten, I think you’ll have more time to work with her and do your teaching thing, not to put it all on you,” he told Tori, who agreed.

'LPBW' Stars Zach and Tori Roloff's Daughter Lilah Undergoes 'More Tests' for Hearing and Speech

Tori then detailed her professional experience in a separate confessional. “I have a background in child development,” she said. “Not that I consider myself a speech pathologist by any means, however, I do have a lot of tools in my back pocket, and I think we can help her a lot at home before we have to step into a specialist’s office.”

In addition to Lilah, Zach, Jackson and the couple’s youngest child, Josiah, also have achondroplasia.

In May, the couple revealed that Josiah has the condition just three weeks after he was born on April 30. “He’s Josiah. He has achondroplasia, but he’s not, like, Josiah the achondroplasia,” Zach told Us Weekly at the time.

“Just like I’m Tori, I have brown hair,” Tori added. “I’m not a brunette – like, that’s not how I would classify myself.”

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