Sister Wives star Kody Brown admitted he is “sabotaging” his relationship with Robyn ​Brown in the wake of ex-wives Christine, Janelle and Meri Brown’s exit from their plural family, saying he is trying to “punish” himself for his failed marriages.

“I thought of myself leaving Robyn and having another lover and looking at this lover and going, ‘I don’t love you. I’m in love with another woman. I’m in love with a woman that I left because I was too much a piece of ​s–t to manage the relationship,'” Kody, 54, told host Sukanya Krishnan in ​People’s sneak peek clip of part 3 of the Sister Wives: One on One special, set to air December 10. “And what it was just anger and I’m embarrassed.”

Kody continued that his “demons” lead to “bad behavior” that “destroys himself.”

“Christine’s leaving and I’m just angry. So a lot of dark winds were going through me. A lot of devil, a lot of temptation, which would be destructive of my relationship with Robyn.”

The family patriarch explained that his uncontrolled emotions have taken a toll on Robyn, 45, too.

“So I dealt with a lot of anger and she would get frustrated,” Kody said, calling his anger a “turn-off” to Robyn. “It was scary. And the dumb thing is — because I’m so honest — I just share everything with her,” he continued, adding that he relayed “terrible” and “heartbreaking” information to Robyn.

“There’s some things in a man’s mind that should never be expressed,” Kody admitted.

Robyn also weighed in on Kody’s “self-sabotaging” behavior, tearfully describing how she tries to stop him from picking fights over “dumb things.” She said she and Kody are “in different places” after “the bomb that went off on [their] family.”

“I’m in a major place of mourning and he’s angry and he doesn’t want to … He just wants to just go find whatever, you know? And I’m like, no, I can’t feel like that.”

Robyn, who is now Kody’s only wife, previously told People that her three former sister wives’ departure from the plural family felt like a “death” that she and Kody were grieving separately.

Christine, Janelle and Meri’s marriages to Kody all ended over the course of 14 months: Christine’s in November 2021, Janelle’s in December 2022, and Meri’s in January 2023.

In a preview for the December 10 episode shared by E! News on December 7, Kody’s latest wife to leave the family, Meri, said she felt he had “let go of her emotionally” well before the two officially split.

“And I’m like, ‘Why did you not respect me enough as a human being?” Meri said about Kody’s refusal to break off their relationship, which she felt had become strictly platonic long before. “I understand that’s how you feel about me, but have the respect for me as a human being to tell me to my face.”

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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