There’s wealthy, and then there’s royally wealthy, and King Charles III certainly lands in the second category. Britain’s monarch has only been on the throne since September 2022, but thanks to his status as a lifelong royal, he’s amassed an incredible fortune. Questions about his net worth have been on the tips of royal watchers’ tongues for years, but as the palace confirmed his cancer diagnosis in February 2024, many are left with even more questions about his finances.

What Is King Charles’ Net Worth?

Charles has an estimated net worth of about $2.3 billion, according to 12 financial experts who worked with The Guardian to calculate his wealth and assets. The deep dive into the royal’s finances was necessary, as the royal family’s money continues to be a well-concealed value.

How Does King Charles Make Money?

Unlike the majority of people, Charles doesn’t clock in and out of work. As Britain’s reigning monarch, he serves in a largely ceremonial role while advocating for charitable causes. His lavish lifestyle is paid for in part by taxpayers, while Charles was said to have inherited roughly $500 million from Queen Elizabeth II when she died in September 2022. That massive value was made up of real estate – mainly the Balmoral Estate in Scotland – investments, art and jewelry.

Charles additionally owns a number of properties, including the Duchy of Lancaster, an estate that’s about 45,000 acres. This provides the king with about $820 million in assets, and provided the late queen with a $140 million income over five years leading up to her passing.

Jewelry makes up a decent amount of Charles’ net worth, too, as the privately owned jewels belonging to him are worth about $670 million, according to The Guardian. Just one diamond – the Lesser Stars of Africa stone – is said to be worth $226 million alone.

King Charles Has Multiple Collections and Additional Assets

When we think royals, we think castles and jewelry. While those two elements make up a large total of Charles’ net worth as previously discussed, his fortune is boosted by a number of collections and additional assets.

Charles net worth
Richard Pohle – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The royal race horses he inherited from his mother, for instance, are estimated to be worth about $34 million. The royal stamp collection is worth $125 million on its own, and the king’s car collection is worth about $8 million. Additional investments and privately owned art make up the rest of Charles’ massive fortune.

Who Will Inherit King Charles’ Fortune?

Like Charles inherited private assets, real estate, jewelry and collections from his mother, it’s likely that Prince William will be on the receiving end of his father’s massive fortune one day. Though William is just one of Charles’ sons, he is the heir to the throne and therefore is sure to inherit the bulk of his father’s money and additional assets.

For reference, Charles was just one of Elizabeth’s children – she had a daughter, Princess Anne, and two more sons in Prince Andrew and Prince Edward – but her three younger children did not receive much of anything when it came to inheritance. Anne inherited her mother’s string of pearls, while Andrew was reportedly miffed as he got nothing from the will. Edward, meanwhile, finally was bestowed the title of Duke of Edinburgh – while not exactly worth a monetary value, it designated him as a valuable member of the royal family.

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