No matter what she posts on Instagram, it seems like fans will find a way to criticize Kate Gosselin. The mom-of-eight took to the social media platform to share a sweet photo of 13-year-old Alexis and one of the family's dogs, Mak. In the pic, the German Shepherd gives the teenager a lick on the lips, and fans are not pleased that she allows her kids to kiss the dogs on the mouth. Check out the video above to see the controversial pic!

Clearly, Kate doesn't see any issue with the kissing. The Kate Plus 8 star couldn't help but gush about how much her kids love their dogs, and vice versa. "The love between my human children and my furry children continues to melt my heart on a daily basis! Mak just can't love us enough — and we feel the same about him! We adore him! #Alexis #Mak #KingGermanShepherd #NanuqsBrother #ShokasSon #LoveMyKids," she wrote in her caption.

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Did somebody say it's #NationalPuppyDay ? In that case, I've got literally a few thousand puppy photos to share! Don't worry, I'll only share a few 😉lol! #LoveOurPuppies #Mak and #Nanuq with #Alexis and #Leah ❤🐶🐶❤

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The reality star often posts pics of her family on Instagram, and it's rare when her followers are completely happy with what she posts. Back in December, Kate shared pics from her Christmas morning with the kids, and critics were quick to point out 13-year-old Collin's absence. She had recently revealed that her son was enrolled in a program that assists children with special needs, and it appeared that he didn't come home for Christmas.

"What about Collin? I understand he's away dealing with his learning and behaving issues… But come on, IT’S CHRISTMAS! Bring the poor boy home!" one follower commented. "Yeah just continue on without poor Collin! Ridiculous, it’s Christmas!"another agreed. Luckily, it seems like Kate isn't letting the negative comments get her down, as she has continued to post updates about her famous family on the platform.

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