She may be trying to find love on Kate Plus Date, but Kate Gosselin clearly thinks she’s not trying too hard. When an Instagram commenter accused her of doing the most on her new show instead of just relaxing and being herself, the reality star wasn’t a fan. In an epic clapback on Monday, June 24, she shut that down real quick, clarifying that, actually, she is being herself on the show. The comment came up while Kate, 44, was telling her followers about the latest episode of the TLC show where she goes on a bowling date with a new guy.

“Meet Jeff,” she told fans on Instagram. “I still swear that he bowls on a daily basis and failed to tell me. Soo I decided to employ some distraction tactics so I could attempt to beat him.” In response, the commenter wrote, “As a huge supporter of yours, I’m trying to be honest and give you some feedback, lol. Sometimes it comes off as you’re trying too hard to be entertaining and focused on making TV instead of being real with your dates, or being your real self. Hopefully, as the show goes on, you’ll relax a bit and be a little more focused and calm, lol.” But Kate wasn’t having that at all: “Hate to tell you … That’s the real me,” she informed the fan. “Like it or hate it, lol.”

Kate Gosselin Says She's Not 'Trying Too Hard'
Courtesy of Kate Gosselin/Instagram

In the comments, she also addressed other fans’ concerns and questions, especially ones where people doubted the show’s authenticity. “There’s no way there’s seriousness with cameras, lighting and someone telling you when to speak up and turn a certain direction,” challenged an Instagram user. Kate shot back, “No one does that. It’s real and they film what happens. :)” Another wanted to know, “How hard is it to act natural on a date when there are cameras there?” The star kept it simple: “Not hard at all. I’ve always forgotten that cameras were there. Since day one. :)”

For the most part, though, the celeb’s followers just wanted the inside scoop on the process. “Were there any moments where you got annoyed with your matchmaker and didn’t think she was leading you down the right path?” one wrote, getting to the real questions. Kate’s answer? “Yeah, definitely.” But everyone pretty much agreed that Jeff seemed great — and like he could be a good match for the mom of eight. “OK, so I’m pretty sure he’s my fave thus far! No, not pretty sure … He’s def my fave!” wrote one. “#TeamJeff,” agreed another. “You seemed like you had such a great time with him!!”

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