Bring it on! Kate Gosselin’s new show, Kate Plus Date, is premiering June 10, but the mom of eight couldn’t help but give her fans a spoiler about the upcoming season.

“Are you ready to go on dates with me!? I can’t WAIT to share all these scary, awkward, fun, exciting, dorky and rewarding moments with you! I’m going on this adventure in hopes of finding my someone, but I also hope to show all single parents out there … that dating is mostly survivable LOL!” the 44-year-old captioned a video clip of the TLC show on Instagram on June 7.

She added, “And anyway, why should I be the only one who gets all these frighteningly fantastic experiences that is called: DATING!? WATCH KATE PLUS DATE — it starts this Monday, June 10, at 10pm/9Central on @tlc. See you there!! #KatePlusDate #TLC #JuneTenthAtTen #SoMuchFun.”

One fan commented that they are excited to see what Mady has to say in her confessional. “I can’t wait to hear Mady’s thoughts and opinions on your dating and the guys,” they wrote. The blonde beauty responded, “Spoiler: Her commentary constantly made me laugh so hard I cried when I watched! AND she is always RIGHT about me too?!!! How???”

Kate Gosselin

Meanwhile, plenty of social media users are rooting for the reality TV star. One person wrote, “I hope you can find ‘Mr. Right.’ You deserve a good honest, hot man! Yes, show skin,” while another echoed, “Good for you, girl!! You deserve a great mate!” A third chimed in, writing, “Seriously??? I’ve been waiting for this since … forever! I am SO excited.”

The Pennsylvania native started to get emotional while reading the sweet messages. “Guys! Your supportive comments are making me cry … happy tears, of course! You are THE BEST,” she wrote. “Those of you who ‘get me’ and say so is so truly humbling and so very encouraging! Thank you doesn’t even seem close to enough! I truly love you guys! Way back when we started this, WHO thought we’d be here … talking about my dating life gazillions of years later??! LOL. Anyone? (BTW, that’s not me raising my hand because I never could have imagined it. Ever.) But anyway, here we are and thanks to all of you for everything!!”

It’s been 10 years since Kate and her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin — who share 15-year-old sextuplets Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin along with 18-year-old twins Mady and Cara — divorced.

Now, Kate is ready to find love. “Standing here right now, I can tell you I am different than I was three months ago,” she said in the sneak preview. “Wait ‘till you see because even I can’t believe it.”

You go, girl!

Kate Plus Date premieres on TLC June 10 at 10 p.m. ET.

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