Yeah, this didn’t go well. Kate Gosselin asked her fans and Instagram followers whether they were watching her new show, Kate Plus Date, and the reviews were not exactly glowing. On June 17, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star captioned a photo, “#KatePlusDate starts NOW on @TLC … you watching? #Episode2,” then replied to herself in the comments, “What do you think so far of episode #2 of #KatePlusDate? Comment and let me know!!!”

Let’s just say, Kate likely had no idea what she was in for. “I think you are so far into your head you can’t get out,” one person replied. Another wrote, “Watched 2 minutes and can see she’s still like Eeyore. What a drag.” Yikes, people are mean on the Internet.

Kate Gosselin and Kids
Courtesy of Kate Gosselin/Instagram

And the hits just did not stop coming. “OMG this pure garbage,” one person commented. “I had to turn it off … unwatchable … I did laundry instead.” A different person responded, “It should be called ‘Kate’s looking for a paycheck and fame.” Eek.

The negative replies might be putting a damper on Kate’s mood about the series. Back on June 7, the 44-year-old captioned a video clip of the TLC show on Instagram, “Are you ready to go on dates with me!? I can’t WAIT to share all these scary, awkward, fun, exciting, dorky and rewarding moments with you! I’m going on this adventure in hopes of finding my someone, but I also hope to show all single parents out there … that dating is mostly survivable LOL!”

Kate also claimed on June 12 that her kids support her trying to find love again, even if Instagram commenters don’t seem to. “My kids are so supportive,” Kate told Extra at the time. “They keep saying, ‘Do something for yourself, you’ve done everything for us.’” The reality TV mom added that she was “scared to death” to get back in the dating game, and noted that “I have to get it right — the stakes are really high.” She seems freaked out enough as it is, so maybe the social media haters could chill out a little bit?

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