It's safe to say that being friends with the Kardashians has some serious perks! We all know that they earn a serious amount of money, so it looks like they're spreading the love and giving their besties the makeovers of their dreams.

For some, like former Kardashian BFF and now Kardashian baby mama Blac Chyna, it's hard to remember what she looked like before her insane transformation. But others, like Kylie Jenner's forever BFF Jordyn Woods, have been morphing into a Kardashian slowly.

Just recently, over the last New York Fashion Week, Jordyn talked to Vogue about her changing style and fashion. Working with the retail store Addition Elle, Jordyn wanted to bring her personal flair to the fashion world. “Everything is very trendy yet still wearable,” she told the mag. “It’s distinct from my personal style, but I wanted to add some of my flair so you can wear [the pieces] in so many different ways.”

The social media influencer also opened up about her own changing style. Much like her best friend, Jordyn enjoys changing up her hairstyles any time she can. “Having blonde hair just makes your outfits and makeup pop,” she said of her hairdo at the time. “I love reinventing myself every week. It feels good starting fresh, and it’s such a great form of expression.”

While Jordyn pretty much admits to being famous because of her ties to the famous fam, Chyna makes sure she separates herself as far as she can. Immediately following the revenge porn scandal she had with Rob Kardashian, she spoke with ABC about the whole ordeal. "I was already Blac Chyna before the Kardashians," she said when she was asked what she thinks about people crediting her fame to the family.

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