They were worried about history repeating itself. Josiah Duggar and his wife, Lauren Swanson, discussed her pregnancy with daughter Bella on the December 3 episode of Counting On, and viewers got to see the couple go to an ultrasound appointment to hear the heartbeat. Lauren, 20, explained in a confessional that they really thought they would miscarry again after they lost their first pregnancy so early on.

“It’s really special for us to get an ultrasound since we weren’t able … even able to see our first baby,” the young mom said. “I was five and a half, six weeks along when I miscarried Asa. That’s right, I was just about to get an ultrasound. So it was just … everything happened so fast.”

Josiah Lauren Duggar Thought They'd Lose Their Second Pregnancy

“It’s very emotional, especially this pregnancy, ’cause every time I go to the doctor, I just get that scared feeling that something’s not right,” Lauren continued. “The beginning of this pregnancy was quite hard. I spotted for a month. And my progesterone levels dropped very, very low. Progesterone helps your body from going into labor too early. So I was taking a lot of progesterone and my levels were still dropping. So we were thinking that we’d lose this one.”

“The emotions that come after a miscarriage are kind of a lot of fears,” the Duggar in-law said. “Like, ‘Is this baby gonna live?’ … Every doctor’s visit, you always expect the worst because you don’t wanna put your hopes up and then they crash.”

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Courtesy of Josiah and Lauren Duggar/Instagram

Just four months after their wedding, Josiah, 23, and Lauren suffered a miscarriage with their first pregnancy. The married couple revealed the news on February 11, in a video clip via TLC. “A couple months ago, we found out that we were expecting, but suddenly thereafter, we lost our baby,” Lauren said. Her husband added, “It really was a hard time for our family going through this right after we got married. And all the dreams of getting to see our little one and hold it in our hands dashed before our eyes.”

Thankfully, after what sounded like a rough first trimester, Lauren and Josiah welcomed a healthy baby girl on November 8 — a little over a year after the miscarriage. In the Counting On episode featuring their ultrasound, Lauren explained that her husband helped calm her fears when she was pregnant with the baby girl. “There’s times where I just … we didn’t know if we were gonna keep this one. He’s just been reminding me, ‘It’s OK. It’ll be all right,'” she confessed. “That gives me that sense of peace that I need every day.”

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