Ever since Josh Duggar's 2015 molestation and cheating scandals, his picture-perfect image has become permanently tainted . The Josh of 19 Kids and Counting was a loyal family man who preached about the importance of virtues and thought it was straight up slutty to kiss current wife Anna Duggar before tying the knot. But now that we know Josh was watching porn while preaching about "purity," we can't help but side-eye all his old videos, particularly this cheesy courtship one we uncovered. The part where he gives his wife a creepy staredown while she eats a pickle is something we wish we could unsee forever. Watch the video above to witness the horror for yourself.

Knowing everything we now know about Josh, the video really highlights his astounding hypocrisy. "Our goal is to remain pure before marriage," he says in the video. "The emotions are there, but…I love her so much that I would not step over that line. I would not cross that line. Cause I love her so much, and I'm looking forward to [sex]." The video also has other gems, like Josh creepily pole dancing on a carousel and doing lots of awkward second base hand-holding.

Despite the scandal, Josh and Anna are still together. And in case you're wondering why she stuck by his side when most women would've kicked Josh to the curb, she "partially blames herself" for her husband's behavior. "Josh was my first love," she said on an episode of Counting On. "I knew that [after the scandal] my only hope was to cling to my faith because I knew if I went off of what I was feeling I would turn a mess into a disaster… I was just praying that God would give the help and wisdom that we needed to know how to take the next step." And apparently that next step for her is staying with Josh and having more children together. Hey, it's not like she has a choice.

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