Jon Gosselin claimed that he went to extreme lengths and spent $1 million to get his son Collin Gosselin out of a psychiatric hospital.

The Gosselin patriarch, 46, was joined by two of his and ex-wife Kate Gosselin’s sextuplets, Collin, 19, and Hannah Gosselin, to reflect on their family’s reality TV show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, while appearing on Vice’s Dark Side of the 2000s.

Collin wrote Jon a letter while he was at Philadelphia-based psychiatrist hospital Fairmount Behavioral Health System in 2017 and asked him for help.

“I spent $1 million to get my son out,” Jon claimed during the docuseries, explaining that he used testimony and psych evaluations to help build his case. “Everything I had, I spent.”

Following Kate, 48, and Jon’s split in 2009, Collin was allegedly diagnosed with a behavioral disorder when he was 12. His mother – who had full custody of their eight children at the time – sent Collin to live at the psychiatric hospital without telling their family members.

While Kate previously told viewers on Kate Plus 8 that she sent Collin away because she didn’t have the “resources” to “meet his needs,” Collin is now alleging that she sent him to the hospital because he told others about her “abusive” behavior at home. He went on to claim that she wanted to put him “somewhere where [he] wouldn’t be able to put the secrets out.”

The mother of eight previously denied Collin’s claims that she was abusive while appearing on Good Morning America in 2016.

During Dark Side of the 2000s, Collin said that his time at the psychiatric hospital took a toll on him “mentally.” He recalled, “It was a really, really dark place. All I had was myself. I didn’t have anybody else. You know, I had no support system. It was scary. I was confused. I was lost.”

Hannah, 19, also shared that Collin was often “separated” from the rest of her siblings while they were all living under Kate’s roof following their parents’ split.

“Like he would not get to come and play outside with us. He would eat dinner at different times than us,” she explained. “I don’t think effort was made in the home to help him learn what behavior is acceptable, what behavior is not acceptable.”

Jon Gosselin Claims He Spent $1 Million to Get Son Collin out of Psychiatric Hospital

In addition to Collin and Hannah, the former couple share 22-year-old twins Mady and Cara and sextuplets Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden.

Kate ​lost custody of Collin to Jon in December 2018 after she failed to show up to a court hearing. The former TLC personality requested the court date be postponed prior to the meeting. However, her request was ultimately denied and Collin moved in with Jon and his sister Hannah that same month. Hannah had previously moved in with Jon in May of that year.

Collin reflected on his time at the psychiatric hospital eight months after he noted that growing up on reality TV contributed to his strained relationship with Kate while speaking toEntertainment Tonight in November 2022. Despite their troubled past, he said “it would be ideal [to reconcile].”

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