Beware of mom-shamersJill Duggar! The Counting On alum was excited to set up a backyard cookout for sons Israel and Samuel on Sunday, February 16, but the outdoor activity came with a little unexpected feedback. Not everyone was impressed with her DIY attitude after she transformed a coffee can into a campfire.

“The boys had so much fun yesterday with this little fire. I saved this big can for them a while back when I remembered how fun it was growing up that my cousins had their own coffee cans and would do this in their backyard,” Jill, 28, wrote on Instagram. “We finally got around to making a little fire in it, and it was a success. Sam warmed up a leftover baked potato and Israel warmed up a piece of chicken and made toast with a slice of bread.”

Commenters were quick to speak up with their safety concerns. “Looks dangerous,” one wrote. On Twitter, a second chimed in, “[You are] literally encouraging your kids to play with fire.” A third called the whole thing “scary.” And another pointed out that if the kids are young enough that they’re still wearing bibs while they’re eating, they’re probably not old enough for something like this. “So your son has to wear a stupid, plastic bib to eat but [a] makeshift, dryer lint fire pit [is] no biggie?” they wrote.

Lately, it seems like the mom of two faces backlash for everything — including teaching her son to ride a bike. However, not everyone was on board with the criticism this time around. As long as things were done carefully, some commenters thought it wasn’t too early to teach the boys about fire safety, bringing up their own histories with scouting to back their points.

“They’re supervised by their parents. [It’s] not dangerous in this event,” one fan pointed out. Another countered, “[This is a] perfect way to teach that fire IS dangerous and needs to be treated with respect and caution. Water is dangerous too, but [teaching] kids to have a healthy respect for it can save their lives! Life lessons taught early stay with you a lifetime! Way to go, Jill!!”

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