At this point, there’s not much that Jill Duggar can do to surprise us when it comes to her, well, let’s call it “unique” cooking. But when she started talking about her spaghetti pie again over the weekend, we couldn’t help but be horrified… and yet, at the same time, kind of intrigued? With the weather still so chilly, both spaghetti and warm pie sound pretty appealing to us at the moment, but we’re just not sure how the combination would work. And judging by Jill’s pictures, the answer is “not well.”

In a new Instagram Story, the Duggar daughter shared that she stayed inside to cook up a nice warm meal for Derick Dillard while the weather was icky. “My hubby, enjoying some spaghetti pie on this cloudy day before classes start up again!” she wrote, sharing a photo of the #besthubbyever as he worked on his computer and ate some pie. In a second shot, she showed a close up of the dish — and that officially sealed the deal on the whole good versus gross debate. TBH, it just looks like more of the same super-carby gross Duggar food.

Jill Duggar Cooks Spaghetti Pie For Derick Dillard
Instagram/Courtesy of Jill Duggar

The recipe, which Jill has shared before, calls for dry spaghetti noodles, eggs, parmesan, butter, chopped onion, sausage, tomato paste, water, mozzarella cheese, and…. sour cream? If you follow the instructions, it has the noodles on the bottom combined with the eggs and parmesan, and then everything else pretty much loaded on top. And though we do enjoy a good plain noodle pulled from the pot or snuck out of a Tupperware container full of leftovers, we’re not so sure how we feel about the ingredients all being separated out like this in our actual dinner. Shouldn’t the tomato and meat and onion all be mixed in with the spaghetti? No? Okay.

Back when Jill first shared the recipe in April 2016, she mentioned that it was one of Derick’s favorites and that his mom, Cathy Dillard, had made it for them. And though her version looked better (or at least like it had a lot more sauce), fans still weren’t feeling it. “That sounds gross but ok,” wrote one, with another adding, “The spaghetti pie looks disgusting,” and a third commenting, “This looks like more steps for a subpar dried out spaghetti mess.” When she gave fans a closer look at the dish in Nov. 2018, there was more of the same.

“Umm… regular spaghetti for me,” quipped a fan. “Cake spaghetti? 😧 I cry 😭,” read another comment. “Lasagne ok, tortiglioni ok, spaghetti no!” We just can’t help but imagine that it would be particularly crunchy. But hey, at least it doesn’t have any cans of soup in it, right?

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