Whether you’re a fan of the Duggars or not, chances are, you’ve got something to say. That’s why Dishin’ on the Duggars trash talks, questions, and yes, sometimes even defends the famous family. On this week’s brand new episode, In Touch took on Jill Duggar‘s recipes, and miraculously, no one lost their lunch during the recording. 

ICYMI, the former Counting On star is notorious for making “God awful” meals and most recently took a stab at Indian food. “Can you smell it?” the mother-of-two wrote on her Instagram story on Wednesday, Aug. 8. No, Jill, we can’t. Tune in to the podcast in full above and get the highlights below as we take a deeper dive into her canned specialties…

jill duggar indian food

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Seriously, what’s up with all the cans?

You know that saying, “I’d cook if I could find the can opener?” Yeah… That’s Jill. The reality star’s favorite pastime is putting cream of chicken soup into just about anything. Of course, we can’t totally blame her for it. After all, she grew up with 18 other siblings and Jim Bob and Michelle could literally only afford what was on sale at Costco. 

Still, now that she’s cooking for a family of four, we’re a little confused as to why the 27-year-old has never ventured out to the produce aisle. I mean really, her stew recipe — which, for most people, contains a ton of fresh veggies — called for six canned ingredients plus ketchup and sugar… W.T.F.

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New recipe up! *link in bio!*

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Have fans tried her dishes?

We’re not the only ones horrified by these meals. In fact, many social media users have responded to her recipes with green-faced emojis, while others have been shocked by the number of processed ingredients. “Just curious! Why so many cans when there is so much fresh food available in the summer?” one person recently asked. Another added, “Canned chicken?! Thanks but no thanks…”

That said, there was one brave soul out there willing to risk food poisoning for the greater good. “Just copied the recipe and will be making this in the next couple of weeks,” someone tweeted. “Thanks.” 

Derick can cook at least, right?

Unfortunately for Izzy and Samuel, the answer is no. Remember that time Jill said her hubby, Derick Dillard, was the “bestest” because he brought her plantains, croutons, and Froot Loops? Yeah. We’re trying to forget that, too. 

Can we help her?

Jill, if you’re reading this, we’re signing you up for Worst Cooks in America. With Anne Burrell‘s help, we can throw away that can opener for good! 

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