They may have strict rules when it comes to courting and touching and kissing before marriage, but that doesn’t mean that the Duggar family and their in-laws are totally free of scandal. Other than the big one that got 19 Kids and Counting canceled, there’ve been smaller, more minor dramas — the kind that wouldn’t make you blink in an eye in another family but are wild AF for these TLC stars. Like that time that Anna Duggar‘s unmarried sister got pregnant, or how Amy Duggar admitted she had sex before marriage. Now, Derick Dillard‘s mom, Cathy Dillard, is revealing that her story breaks the mold, too, because she was actually born out of wedlock.

While supporting a pro-life message on Twitter, Cathy retweeted a post that showed a mother with a sign revealed that her “unplanned pregnancy” had grown up to become a freshman at Stanford University. The tweet said, “RT if you’re glad this mother chose life!” In her own tweet, Cathy had her own anti-abortion story to share. “I was an out-of-wedlock pregnancy placed by adoption with a couple waiting for a baby!” she wrote.

It’s no surprise that Cathy and other members of the extended Duggar family tree are anti-abortion. After all, we’ve seen the Counting On stars talk about their beliefs plenty, especially on Instagram. What is a surprise, though, is that Derick’s mom was born out of wedlock. And yet, she’s not the only member of the family born under those circumstances. Cousin Amy was also conceived and born out of wedlock, and that was by Jim Bob Duggar‘s sister, not an unnamed couple who put their baby up for adoption.

Of course, it was the parents who adopted her that raised her, though, and their beliefs seem to have fallen much more in line with the rest of the family. According to Cathy’s Twitter bio, she’s been a Christian for over 52 years now who seeks “to serve & share Jesus every day,” and it’s clear she raised Derick and his brother with the same sort of beliefs. She may not have started out her life in exactly the same way as her in-laws, but she definitely fits right in these days.

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