She clapped back! Jessa Duggar posted some super cute photos of her son Spurgeon on April 23 and claimed that the post was not a sponsored one, despite tagging a company in it. A fan commented stating that it obviously was, but Jessa wasn’t having it and made sure to shut down that speculation immediately.

“Not a sponsored post, but just want to make other mamas aware — If you want to save big on your kids’ clothing, be sure to carve out time for @rhealanasofnwa NEXT WEEK!! 😍😍,” Jessa, 26, wrote on Instagram. “I’m already making my list! 📝 👦🏻💙👦🏼 The savings can’t be beat!” Pretty quickly, someone replied, “This is totally sponsored … just like the photos are professional.” The Counting On mama then responded, “@linadigiovanni99 Well I’m not a professional photographer, but thank you for the compliment. It’s called ‘portrait’ mode on the iPhone 😄.” Are we wrong, or was that last comment a little sarcastic?

jessa instagram comment

The photos featured 3-year-old Spurgeon in what are possibly consignment or thrift clothes if Jessa’s comment about saving on them is any indication. Most of the other responses were more geared toward how adorable Jessa’s oldest kid looks in the shots. “He’s simply gorgeous, Jessa,” one fan wrote. Another commented, “He seriously is so cute and I am [super] jealous of his hair!”

As for that more critical comment, this is far from the first time Jessa has clapped back at a hater on Instagram. Heck, as recently as April 9, she defended a birthday gift her nephew Israel Dillard got that a fan disapproved of. When Anna Duggar shared photos from his party that indicated he got a scooter, someone wrote, “Too bad he’s only 4 and the scooter is for ages 5 and up. Not an appropriate gift.” Jessa shot back, “Lol! That’s an average age. Some kids are advanced. 😆.” Don’t come for Jessa or her family on social media if you can’t take the heat, people.

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