People sure love to get all in their feelings on the internet. When Anna Duggar posted a sweet birthday shoutout to her nephew, Israel Dillard, on Instagram on April 6, she also shared some photos of him enjoying his birthday party. But one response in the comments took particular issue with a gift Israel received — a scooter. And Aunt Jessa Duggar stepped into defense mode. Check out the video above to see the exchange!

“Happy Birthday to my super awesome nephew, Israel! 🎂” Anna, 30, wrote. “We had a great time celebrating your birthday yesterday. 🎈🧁☀️ Hope you have a SUPER AWESOME birthday weekend — we love you so much Israel! 💙 🎉 🎊 #littleduggars.” The little guy is absolutely beaming in the celebratory photos, so of course, that was the moment a hater had to come along and ruin the moment.

“Too bad he’s only 4 and the scooter is for ages 5 and up. Not an appropriate gift,” someone wrote. But Jessa, 26, quickly clapped back. “Lol! That’s an average age. Some kids are advanced. 😆.”

duggars israel scooter

The person responded again and wrote, “@jessaseewald my daughter is advanced still wouldn’t get her something like that out of her age. There are ages for safety reasons regardless of advancement,” but Jessa didn’t seem to pay them any mind after her initial comment.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, right? Israel’s mom, Jill Duggar, replied in the comments of the post, “@annaduggar he has had a blast! Thanks so much!! 💙” And that’s what really matters, right? It’s his party — the main objective is really for him to enjoy the heck out of it.

Other people in the replies didn’t seem to have an issue with the “inappropriate” present. One person wrote, “My son was 3 and happened to be amazing with that kind of scooter. My daughter, same age as he was, can handle it too, just isn’t as fast. I guess every kid is different.” Honestly, it probably comes down to whether Izzy is monitored while he’s playing with the toy. Did you get that, Jill and Derick?

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