The Seewald family has grown by one! Jessa Seewald (​​née Duggar) and husband Ben Seewald welcomed their fifth child just days before Christmas in 2023. The baby boy joins older siblings Spurgeon, Henry, Ivy and Fern, but what did the couple decide to name him?

When Did Jessa Duggar Give Birth to Baby No. 5?

Jessa announced on December 23, 2023, that she gave birth to their son on December 19 — one day before her due date. “Baby is here and we couldn’t be more grateful!” she wrote on Instagram while promoting a YouTube video about the birth story.

The video showcased the week leading up to the birth, as well as Jessa’s birth experience. She revealed that she was in labor for 12 hours before she was checked into her birthing room. Jessa received an epidural and thought things were “were moving along just fine,” but her doctor said the baby was “not in an ideal position.” Jessa’s midwife helped her move into several different birthing positions. The epidural didn’t work on one side, so Jessa said the experience was painful. However, it was all worth it when the baby arrived after a total of 21 hours.

“It was the sweetest moment,” she said of the tearful moment she met their son. “I think there were just so many emotions in that moment.”

The baby’s arrival came a year after Jessa experienced a miscarriage.

“After our loss last year, we sort of thought we might take a break and not get pregnant for a while, but lo and behold, our surprise baby was on the way. We found out in April maybe,” Jessa said in a YouTube Q&A on December 8. “It’s crazy the way things worked out. We couldn’t have planned the timing this way if we tried.”

Jessa Duggar shows off her bump for baby no. 5 in a black tank top and leggings.
Jessa Seewald/Instagram

What Did Jessa Duggar Name Her Baby?

In a second YouTube video, Jessa revealed the boy’s name: George Augustine Seewald.

“We’re thinking about naming him George,” Ben said in the video. His mom, who joined the family at the hospital, responded, “Oh, I was just about to read the children Saint George and the Dragon. [It’s all about] courage and bravery.”

Later, Jessa said, “Right now, we’re leaning towards using Augustine for the middle name. I think that sounds like a really good, strong name. George Augustine. I think the name fits.”

What Does Jessa’s Baby’s Name Mean?

According to Nameberry, the name George is of Greek origin and means “farmer.” The moniker is described as “solid, strong, royal and saintly, yet friendly and unpretentious.”

Meanwhile, Augustine is of Latin and English origin. The name means “great” and “magnificent.” Like George, Augustine is considered “saintly” and “unpretentious.”

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