Jessa Seewald (née Duggar) revealed in an emotional video that she was pregnant with baby No. 5 last year but suffered a miscarriage over the 2022 winter holiday season. 

At the beginning of the YouTube video, which was posted on Friday, February 24, and labeled as “Heartbreak Over the Holidays,” Jessa, 30, and her husband, Ben Seewald, were seen sitting down with their children Spurgeon, Fern, Ivy and Henry, showing the kids a drawing of their family with one baby next to them. After Jessa asked her kids what that meant, Spurgeon, 7, replied, “You’re having a baby.” 

The children also noticed that their mommy’s “tummy” didn’t look big, to which Jessa replied, “Not yet.” 

Later in the video, Jessa gave a “pregnancy update” which was dated on December 21, 2022, revealing that she was “11 weeks along” at the time. However, the 19 Kids and Counting alum also noted that she was feeling “very sick,” wondering if she was actually carrying twins. 

“Yesterday, I did have some spotting, and I haven’t really had that much in any other pregnancies, especially not this far along,” Jessa explained. “I’m at the end of my first trimester, about to start my second trimester, and so, it does seem a bit concerning. We went ahead and scheduled an ultrasound for tomorrow. And so, hopefully, we’ll be able to get in and see how everything’s going with the baby. It’s just been the tiniest amount of spotting.” 

Shortly afterward, Jessa gave a positive update saying that she hadn’t seen much spotting but nevertheless teared up, saying, “there isn’t anything [she] wouldn’t do for [her] children.” 

Next, the former Counting On star unveiled photos from the ultrasound, revealing that the doctor said while her “sack” looked good, “the baby [did] not.” 

“Nothing could have prepared me for the weight of those words,” the former reality TV star said. “I had really allowed myself to become so hopeful because the spotting had stopped. At that moment, I was just in complete shock. I didn’t even have words. I just immediately started crying. … Ben was there, and he put his arms around me.” 

As the couple tried to “process” what to do from there, Jessa explained in the video that “missed miscarriages can be so jarring because you don’t have clear signs of something going wrong. I mean, I had minimal spotting for, like, 24 hours, but that was it.” 

Toward the end of her heartbreaking clip, Jessa zoomed into the image of the ultrasound. 

“We decided to go to the hospital and get checked in there, and go through the process of [dilation and curettage],” she explained while tearing up. “It was a difficult experience before getting checked into the hospital. … But we do know the truth that God is good, and He does care for us.”

While holding back tears, Jessa insisted that she was “able to thank God for giving [them] this life even if [they] would never be able to hold this baby in [their] arms.” 

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