Jennifer Garner gushed over motherhood and her easy pregnancies while revealing she was “born to breed” during a Wednesday, May 8, appearance on the “Kelly Corrigan Wonders: About Your Mother” podcast.

“I was so lucky, I had great pregnancies, I was pregnant three times in my life and had three kids, I’m so lucky,” Jennifer, 52, said of carrying the three children she shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck: Violet, 18, Fin, 15 and Samuel, 12.

“I think combined I tried … All of them were on purpose I should say … And combined I probably tried four or five months,” the Peppermint star said about how easily she conceived her kids.

The interview was seemingly taped ahead of her April 17 birthday, as Jennifer joked, “Oh my gosh, I’m 52 next week and I bet I could have one in a field right now,” about having a baby, adding, “I was born to breed for sure.”

As far as her own childhood, the Daredevil star laughed, “I was a rascal, definitely black sheep material as far as my family was concerned.” The actress grew up in Charleston, West Virginia, and was the middle child of her parents’ three daughters. Her older sister, Melissa, and younger sis Susannah, live private lives and are not in show business.

Jennifer said Melissa pushed her to choose a different path because there was so much to live up to.

The Yes Day star told The Independent in 2009, “If I’m totally honest, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the fact that I have this bigger-than-life, incredible older sister.”

“She’s beautiful, and she was valedictorian, got a 1600 on her SATs and was the head majorette,” Jen revealed, adding, “I was just the middle kid, kind of looking for attention. So that’s what drove me, I think, to do things she wasn’t doing.”

After becoming a Hollywood star, Jennifer married Ben, 51, in June 2005. By that time, they were already expecting Violet. The former couple split in 2015 and divorced in 2018.

The 13 Going on 30 star has gushed over the “solid” relationships she has with her children, as her eldest is now an adult and her youngest is on the verge of becoming a teenager.

Jennifer Garner Reflects on Her Pregnancies, Motherhood

“I’m just watching them in this new phase of life where they’re figuring out who they’re going to be and what they’re going to study. And I’m so interested in them. All the time, I’m interested in everything about them,” Jennifer told People in a story published on March 28.

The Once Upon a Farm businesswoman said how challenging it was to watch her kids make their own decisions and not interfere if she didn’t agree with them.

“I mean, my parents did too, and I’m so amazed by that. I have a really hard time not saying, ‘This is what I see you as,’ and ‘I think you should,’” she told outlet. ”I really have to sit on my hands.”

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