There’s no such thing as too many bubbles! Jackson Roloff is absolutely covered in suds while enjoying a bubble bath in video clips his mom, Tori Roloff, shared on her Instagram Story. And he’s clearly having the time of his life. But honestly, who doesn’t love a good bubble bath?

“Jackson, what kind of hairstyle are we going for?” Tori asked in the first bubble bath clip, which features her son with a pile of bubbles on top of his head. “It’s very, like, fashion forward.” Watch the video above to see Jackson with his chic bubble hairdo and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

How cute is that? Is there anything more adorable than a kid with a mess of bubbles on their head? We dare you to think of something that beats it while looking at Jackson because there’s clearly no contest.

Tori is really good about sharing these sweet moments with Jackson with her Instagram fans and followers and clearly knows that’s the content people who come to her page are looking for. In fact, in her Instagram bio, she wrote, “let’s be real. You’re here for Jackson.” And that’s…not untrue. But it’s very clear when she shares videos of moments with her son why people love them so much — this kid is stinkin’ adorable!

Jackson, who’s a little over a year old now, is the only child of Tori and Zach Roloff of Little People, Big World fame. But in an Instagram Story update back in July, Tori revealed that she actually wants three or four kids altogether. As cute as Jackson is, imagine a whole brood of Roloff kids popping up in Tori’s Instagram Stories, having bubble bath adventures and sharing seriously adorable moments with the family dog, Murphy. It’s almost unbelievably cute in our minds.

For now, we’ll just have to settle for these ridiculously sweet snaps Tori shares of just Jackson instead. Is that really a hardship, though?

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