And babies make… six?! Instagram Stories rolled out a fun new feature where you can ask people questions, and Tori Roloff spilled a ton of juicy details about her personal life — including how many babies she wants!

When a fan asked if she could see herself having more kids, the Little People, Big World star revealed, “Of course.” She added that she wants three or four little ones altogether — which means Jackson is going to be a big brother! At some point, that is.

tori roloff more kids

The reality star mama is no stranger to the rumor mill and many have speculated over the last few months that she’s expecting. Most recently, Tori flaunted her summer body alongside Audrey Roloff, and her mother-in-law had to come to her rescue after people began commenting on her figure. “Awe is Tori pregnant?” one person wrote. Another replied, “I was going to ask the same question,” and a third chimed in, “She does look pregnant here…” Rude! In response, Amy clapped back, “No she’s not.”

Previously, the 27-year-old had to take matters into her own hands and wrote in a separate Instagram Story that she wasn’t pregnant, she just really enjoyed her lunch. “No, I am not pregnant,” she said on May 16. “That is just my burrito from yesterday. Kthanksbye.” In the past, she’s said, “If I was pregnant every time the Internet said I was pregnant, I would have like eight kids by now…”

Amen, sister. During the Q&A, the 27-year-old got real about the pressures to look good in front of the camera. A fan asked, “Do you feel pressure to have a perfect postpartum body as an influencer?” to which she responded, “Definitely. But I truly can’t keep up. I like who I am and how I look.” She added, “I, of course, get insecure, but my body has been through some crazy things and I have so much respect for what the female body can do.” Preach, sister. Now can she enjoy her burritos in peace?

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