Is there anything in this world sweeter than seeing Jackson Roloff and Ember Roloff getting to spend some quality time together? The Roloff family cousins are just too cute, and they’re both growing up so fast. Ember recently celebrated her first birthday and even started taking steps and growing teeth over the summer. Jackson’s reached his own milestones lately, saying words like “mama” and “dada,” and now he’s even reading! Well, kind of. At least, it certainly looks like he’s reading to his younger cousin in mom Tori Roloff‘s Instagram snap! Watch the video above to see the shot, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Hey, even if he’s not really reading, Jackson is definitely sharing, and isn’t that basically just as adorable? Lately, the cousins have been getting plenty of bonding time, whether it’s while visiting with the whole family at the farm for pumpkin season opening weekend (even Aunt Molly Roloff showed up!) or hitting the zoo side by side. It won’t be long before both babies are talking and having the kinds of long, silly conversations that only toddlers can have. And with all the Roloff kids settling down, it may not be long before they have even more cousins to join them.

After all, Jacob Roloff and his fiancée Isabel Rock will be walking down the aisle someday soon, and we already know how good Jacob is with his niece and nephew. He and his family seem to be getting on along a lot better these days, putting any feud rumors to bed. And we can imagine that getting to bond with Jackson and spending all that time with one of his youngest family members may have him thinking about when he plans to start a family of his own. We’d bet Izzy is on board, too.

“How can a person feel like home? I have moved so many times in the last four years. Each place has felt foreign. Each place has taken time to adjust. But each time, I’ve had him there, holding me,” Izzy wrote about her fiancé in a recent Instagram post. Though they’re already technically a family of four if you count the couple’s two dogs, we wouldn’t be surprise if their family continued to grow in the not-too-distant future!

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