Is there another Brown baby on the way? After Mykelti Brown — one of Christine and Kody Brown’s daughters — shared a photo of herself on September 6, a lot of Sister Wives fans questioned whether she’s pregnant. “I need more coffee, to be honest, but since I can’t have that yet, I have Mitzi,” she captioned the post, referring to the top she had on. Apparently, saying she couldn’t have coffee set off follower speculation that Mykelti must be expecting.

“Pregnant???” one fan wrote simply in the comments. Another said, “Are you having a baby?” and someone else wrote, “Pregnancy hint?” To all of the comments, Mykelti, 23, replied, “Nope.”

“P.S. … even if she IS pregnant … she can have some coffee!” one fan commented, to which Mykelti responded, “Haha” but didn’t either confirm or deny that she’s expecting to that specific remark. However, considering how many other people she replied to and said very succinctly that she is not pregnant, it’s probably safe to say this is just speculation that got out of hand.

Just to really drive the point home, when another follower wrote, “‘Cause she’s not drinking [f–ckin] coffee she must be pregnant … it could possibly be no other reason 🙄🙄,” Mykelti responded, “It’s because I ran out.” Simple as that!

The rumor mill may have been set to full blast on this subject because Mykelti’s sister, Maddie Brown, recently welcomed her second child — a girl named Evangalynn Kodi Brush. That’s got Sister Wives fans wondering if any of the other Brown girls will be having kids soon, too.

In fact, Mykelti’s older sister, Aspyn Brown Thompson, fielded a similar comment when Christine, 47, shared a cute photo of Maddie’s son, Axel, and the 24-year-old replied, “What a sweetie.” That led a fan to write, “@aspynbrownthompson no pressure (I was married a month before you and I GET IT) but let’s give this woman more!” Aspyn replied, “OK just because you asked me to have a baby I’ll do it for sure.” Sarcasm for the win!

For real, people — let these girls live. They have plenty of time to decide whether or not they even want kids — can we maybe not question whether they’re expecting every time they post on Instagram?

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