Jill Duggar has been open about her strained relationship from her family, including parents Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar. In light of her memoir, Counting the Cost, fans are likely wondering where she stands with her mom, dad and siblings after opening up about their estrangement.

Is Jill Duggar Estranged From Her Family?

Fans noticed that Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, seemingly distanced themselves from her family when they left Counting On in 2017. While they initially chose to keep the details private, the couple opened up about the topic during an October 2020 YouTube Q&A.

“There’s been some distancing there,” Jill said when asked about her relationship with her family. “We’re not on the best terms with some of my family. We’ve had some disagreements and stuff, but we’re working towards healing definitely and restoration. We’re having to kind of just take some time and heal and just doing what’s best for our family right now.”

The former TLC star continued, “We are praying and trusting God that like the timeline is his and what that looks like and everything. So we definitely appreciate your prayers, and we don’t want to go into detail too much.”

Jill later shared an update about her family dynamic in another video posted via YouTube in March 2021. At the time, she revealed that she hadn’t visited her parents’ home in “at least two years.”

“In this season of life, we have to prioritize our mental [and] emotional health and all that. Our threshold — as we like to call it — is just a little bit lower in this season of life for us,” she said. “We have a lot going on in our own life, plus COVID just makes it a lot harder right now with trying to keep our circle smaller and everything.”

Despite the tense relationship within the family, Jill and Derick reunited with the large brood for their 2023 Christmas celebrations at the Duggar’s Arkansas compound. 

Why Was Jill Duggar Estranged From Her Parents, Jim Bob and Michelle?

One of the reasons behind Jill’s estrangement from her parents came down to her and Derick wanting to leave Counting On. While the couple had been vocal about wanting to keep certain aspects of their lives off camera, they also claimed that they weren’t paid for their appearances on the show.

While Jill detailed several tough moments with her family in Counting the Cost, she concluded the memoir on a hopeful note.

In the Author’s Note section of the memoir, the 19 Kids and Counting alum said she didn’t write the book to “shame” her family or “get their attention.” She then added that she hopes they continue to work on rebuilding their relationships.

She also revealed that she’s gone to great lengths to improve her relationship with her parents, noting that they have tried going to therapy together and she’s gone to therapy with Derick to work through her issues.

Is Jill Duggar Estranged From Her Family? Everything She's Said Amid Book Release
Courtesy of Jill Duggar/Instagram

Additionally, Jill explained that she “understands” her mother better now that she is an adult than when she did as a child. After noting that her relationship with her mom is not what it once was, Jill admitted she “misses” how easy it used to communicate with Michelle before their estrangement.

Meanwhile, the mother of three said she “never doubted” that her father loves his kids.

What Did Jim Bob and Michelle Say About ‘Counting the Cost’?

Jim Bob and Michelle broke their silence three days ahead of the book’s release.

“We love all of our children very much. As with any family, few things are more painful than conflicts or problems among those you love,” the couple said in a statement to People in September 2023. “We do not believe the best way to resolve conflicts, facilitate forgiveness and reconciliation, or to communicate through difficulties is through the media or in a public forum so we will not comment.”

Jill later revealed in 2024 that she heard it through the “grapevine” that her parents had listened to her memoir through audiobook.

Where Does Jill Stand With Her Duggar Siblings?

As for her 18 brothers and sisters, Jill’s relationship with each one varies. In a January 10, 2024, interview, she admitted things are not “completely how it used to be.”

“It’s still one of those situations where you kind of have to like, know what am I up for emotionally?” she explained alongside her husband on the “The Unplanned Podcast,” admitting there are “triggers,” but they “can definitely get together” and go to lunch.

Derick added, “Everyone’s on their own journey and they’re at a different place in their journey and this book is for them, just as much as it is for other people. Even doing podcasts like this, sometimes we’re trying to communicate to siblings and say like we’re trying to everything to live at peace and we realize certain siblings have one voice that they’re hearing from, and they don’t hear our voice.”

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