Could there be another Duggar wedding on the horizon? Fans are speculating that Jason Duggar may be courting Lauren Caldwell, his sister-in-law’s sister, thanks to some telling posts on social media. Kendra Caldwell is married to Jason’s brother, Joseph Duggar, and it sounds like Jason, 19, may have found his match pretty close to home. Check out the video above to learn more.

Rumors that Jason had started courting began in March, and Duggar fan and snark pages across the internet have kept their eyes peeled on the various social media accounts of family and family friends ever since — just in case. Recently, some fans noticed an appearance by Lauren, 18, with Jason in pictures from their mission trip to Greece in February. Anna Duggar also shared photos to Instagram in November that seemed to feature both Jason and Lauren at the airport as well.

Plus, a fan changed her Facebook profile picture to a shot of herself and Jason, and when someone commented “Yes that’s Jason Duggar,” she responded, “It is indeed!” In a follow-up reply, she was asked, “Did you meet him in Greece?” and she responded, “He was over here with a group for a week. I was out and about with them most of the time! His future bride was also here … good vibes between them! I have been invited over to their ranch …” Excuse us? Future bride?!

anne bates jason duggar facebook comments

However, another Duggar family friend may have put the rumors to rest on her Instagram. The young woman shared a photo of Lauren on her account (she appears to be a photographer), and someone asked in the comments, “Is it the Lauren or you Madison that is getting married to the Duggar boy Jason?” She replied, “Neither,” both as a direct reply and a separate response. She must have really wanted to get her point across.

madison crane instagram comments jason duggar

However, if Jason and Lauren are indeed courting, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re getting married. That’s usually how things go in Duggar World, but the Instagram family friend wouldn’t technically be lying by saying neither of them is marrying Jason — yet.

It’s not like the Duggars don’t have enough going on to fill up both their time and to get a lot of juicy storylines for Counting On. After all, several of the Duggar kids are expecting, and there’s a chance more will make announcements about pregnancies in the near future. Do you think Jason is gonna sneak in a courtship as well?

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