Is Chelsea DeBoer (née Houska) pregnant? The Teen Mom 2 alum shut down rumors after she appeared to be drinking water in a recent photo with husband Cole DeBoer.

“A little Church is good for the soul @ericchurchmusic,” the 30-year-old captioned a pic with her hubby, who was drinking beer.

In the comments, one fan asked, “Water?” with an eyes emoji, to which she replied, “WHITE CLAW lol.” Several other commenters also chimed in on the thread and wrote, “I thought you were pregnant,” while another agreed, “Same. I was like hmmmm. Water, ay?”

Chelsea Houska Addresses Pregnancy Rumors in New Photo With Husband Cole
Courtesy of Chelsea DeBoer/Instagram

Chelsea is mom to Watson, 4, Layne, 3, and Walker, 11 months, with Cole as well as daughter Aubree, 12, whom she shares with ex Adam Lind. In March 2021, the mom of four revealed she and her husband are done having kids — they think.

“The plan is to be done. I mean, it’s hard when you’re looking at like a teeny tiny newborn,” she exclusively told In Touch. “And your heart is just like, you know, I love babies so much, but I think four is probably it. I’m 99 percent on that. So we’ll see.”

During an Instagram Q&A in July, Chelsea echoed a similar sentiment when asked if they’ll “have any more children in the future.”

“This is the most asked question that we always, always get … if we’re going to have more kids, do we think we’re going to have more kids,” she told followers while answering several questions. “I would say we don’t think we’re going to have more … ” However, Cole — who was driving at the time — then cut in and said, “But you know, if we do, we do.”

People were clearly curious about the couple’s busy lives, with someone asking if any of their children fight.

“Oh s–t, that’s Layne and Watson all day long,” Cole said, as Chelsea then added, “All day. 24/7.”

The reality TV babe was also asked how much weight she gained during her four pregnancies. “With Aubree I gained 30 pounds, with Watson I gained 50 plus, with Layne I gained 30 pounds and Walker 40 to 45 pounds,” she explained in the Q&A.

The former MTV star admitted, however, that her postpartum journey was difficult. “I felt so insecure after all my other babies and like just seeing other people’s bodies,” she told In Touch. That being said, after giving birth to Walker, she felt a new sense of confidence.

“And this time I just didn’t feel that way,” Chelsea said, two months after giving birth to baby No. 4. “I felt confident and I feel like I know my body and like what the process it goes through is, you know, at first, you know, it’s not the body that you’re used to seeing and that’s OK and you don’t even have to love it. You know, it’s just part of the process and it doesn’t stay like that.”

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