Prior to giving birth to baby No. 1, 7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston went on an unconventional babymoon with boyfriend, Brice Bolden.

“I did come up upon a place called Graffiti Bridge,” Liz, 22, said in a teaser for the Tuesday, June 11, episode shared by the network. “Me being the artist that I am, I thought it was a pretty cool idea of just this abandoned bridge, with all sorts of artwork around it.”

The city allowed people to graffiti the bridge since it wasn’t in use and the couple decided to put their “own mark” on the bridge to commemorate the future arrival of their daughter, Leighton Drew Bolden.

Inside 7 Little Johnstons Liz and Brice Boldens Babymoon 1

Liz and Brice, 25, revealed they were expecting their first child during the May 14 episode of the series. At the time, Liz and Brice had separated but were working on reconciling when they discovered the exciting news. The pair were nervous about telling their parents that not only were they back together, but also 21 weeks pregnant.

“That was the biggest impact for us, that she had waited that long and that’s where all the concern started,” Liz’s father, Trent Johnston, said in a private confessional. “Elizabeth being pregnant was not our biggest hurdle. I think it took Amber and I back that it took her so long to tell us.”

Liz and Brice later learned their baby was measuring like an “average baby” during their 31-week Ob-Gyn appointment. “Probably still going to be more like you,” Brice told his girlfriend as they took in the big news. “She could still be average but still have some of your features. I’m just excited that everything looks good, she’s very healthy and doing great.”

Liz gave birth to the couple’s first child on November 3, 2023. Leighton weighed 5 pounds and 9 ounces at the time of her birth. The mom of one later admitted she was “relieved” to find out her daughter was a normal-sized baby.

“Because hearing my mom’s stories about her pregnancies with me and my older brother, there was a little bit of fear in that,” Liz told People in an interview published on June 5. The reality TV alum then added that people with dwarfism tend to “have a bit more respiratory issues.”

She also explained that babies with dwarfism or achondroplasia often have “larger than normal” heads. Liz said because her baby was normal-sized, the birthing process was “more bearable because she was so little and she was a lot easier to carry than a little person baby would have been able to.”

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