TLC star Jazz Jennings is getting real about her emotions. On the February 19 episode of I Am Jazz, the 19-year-old LGBT rights activist goes on a date with boyfriend Ahmir Steward where she shares concerns about not being able to enjoy sex because of how “effed up her whole vagina is.”

The 19-year-old Philadelphia native and Jazz met online. Jazz believes she found her person, however, she does admit that Ahmir “isn’t the textbook definition of who I expected I would go out with.” She goes on to explain that “there’s something about him that I’m drawn to and I feel like there are so much to him and I’m only scratching the surface.”

Honestly, it seems like the two are pretty comfortable with each other. During their date, the reality TV star hilariously called her boy out for having a moment. She noticed Ahmir’s eyes gazing downward to her chest and could not help but embarrass him a tiny bit. “Does my cleavage look good?” she asks while blushing. “You’re looking at my eyes, but then your eyes are like,” she says, imitating the expression of awe on his face.

After dealing with constant haters, we’re glad that the TLC star — who was born male but identifies as female — found someone who really gets her! “I don’t see labels, Jazz is a girl to me I don’t see anything else,” Ahmir gushed to the camera.

Earlier in Tuesday’s episode, Ahmir let the world know how he became aware of Jazz. It was actually Ahmir’s brother who had shown him a couple of Jazz’s YouTube videos. Since then, he’s been head over heels. He continued to do everything he could to get into contact with his dream girl —he even messaged her brother (who ignored him).

After finally connecting through email, the two met up in Philadelphia at a Trans Conference – and the rest was history! On Tuesday’s episode, we got the inside look at when Ahmir flew down from Philadelphia to meet the family.  Everyone was pretty welcoming, but Ahmir could not help but feel intimidated.

And we don’t blame him! Two brothers and a father — that’s definitely not easy. Ahmir did once try to play the typical tough guy act, admitting in a confessional, “ being Jazz’s first boyfriend is definitely a big deal, I want to make a good impression.’’ Aw!

The brunette beauty recently underwent gender confirmation surgery – and is allowing fans to get the inside look at her journey in the show’s fifth season. The process has been an emotional one for her family, but she is lucky to have them support her every step of the way.

The 19-year-old has been an iconic role model for the trans community since she was a child, and is continuing to inspire members of the LGBT community every day.

Jazz recently told ET, “Seeing how the show is able to really make a difference in this world and help people become more aware about transgender issues is just so important to me and obviously being transgender all I want is to create more visibility and awareness on this topic, so I’m proud that my family has been able to do that.”

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