It’s no secret that Jazz Jennings comes from a supportive family. The transgender star of TLC’s I Am Jazz recently sat down with her Grandma Jacky to have a candid conversation about romance, relationships, and sexuality. The 17-year-old reality star is currently preparing to have gender reassignment surgery and admitted that she’s open sexually when it comes to potential romantic partners especially after attending a mixer at an LGBTQ center.

“I think they may open up doors for me to find… a partner or a relationship,” Jazz told her grandmother in a recent episode. “You’re open for the happening, and I’m so excited to hear that,” her grandmother replied, to which Jazz admitted, “I’m more open than ever.”

But, their conversation didn’t stop there. Clearly, Jazz and her grandma share an open relationship because she didn’t hold back with answering the hard questions. “Is this a soul mate or a sexual mate?” her grandma pressed. Jazz simply asked, “Grandma, do I look like a sexual being?” But, her grandma assured her that she wasn’t being judgemental. “I’m not judging you, I’m truly asking just to see where your thinking is.”

“This isn’t really my intention, but it could be a benefit of being in a relationship,” Jazz explained. “If I experiment sexually, then maybe I’ll figure out what I like, and then I could have orgasms my entire life.”

Jazz previously revealed that she is willing to wait to find her “prince charming.” “I have a bunch of transgender friends, but they’re all spread out across the country. None of them live in my state and certainly don’t go to my school. I’d love to meet a cute trans-boy who will be my true love, or possibly my soul mate,” she wrote for Harper’s Bazaar. “However, the dating pool is less than limited, because I’m the only ‘out’ transgender girl in my school. I feel that there are others lurking, some may be stealth, while others just aren’t ready to come out.”