It’s hardly news to anyone who follows the Duggars that Derick Dillard has a history of running his mouth on Twitter, particularly when it comes to his one-time fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. In fact, it was his transphobic tweets about Jazz that got him fired from the network. Now, Jazz is burning him even further by saying that he and his offensive words are “irrelevant” to her life. 

“Honestly, I don’t give Derick any of my attention,” she told Us Weekly. “I don’t even read the tweets that he sends out anymore because I just don’t care. You know? He can say whatever. I think he’s doing it for attention.” 

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That’s not all she had to say. The reality star teen revealed she has no room in her life for that kind of negativity for anyone. “Honestly if someone has a negative opinion then I don’t really read or listen to them,” she said. “Why spread negativity? I listen to the people that are supportive who are saying great things — telling me that my message is meaningful and that I should continue telling my story.”

Good for Jazz! And to be honest, it sounds like she’s thriving in her life, so we’re glad she’s not sweating the slimy stuff like whatever Derick may be saying on Twitter this week. Instead, she’s just taking things day by day and being grateful for what she has and all the progress she’s made. “I’m just so happy to be in the body that I’ve always wanted,” she told Us Weekly about finally undergoing gender confirmation surgery. “I feel like I finally have mental, physical alignment and just overall I feel so much more confident in who I am.”

Meanwhile, Derick could take a page out of her book. He regularly gets caught up responding to his haters on social media, and he simply can’t control his Twitter fingers when he gets an opportunity to bash TLC. Whether it’s for refusing to pay for his son’s medical bills, calling his time filming for Counting On “volunteering,” or referring to the channel as “filth,” he’s always had plenty to say. Maybe now he can follow Jazz’s good example and learn how to stay unbothered by the criticism that’s “irrelevant” to how he lives his life. 

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