Back together! 14-year-old Hannah Gosselin shared rare photos of herself hanging out with her brother Collin Gosselin and her dad, Jon Gosselin, over the weekend. Fans of the famous family were super excited to see them reunited as Collin's relationship with the rest of the sextuplets has seemingly been estranged since their mom, Kate Gosselin, sent Collin away to a home for children with special needs. Watch the video above to see the recent pictures of Hannah and Collin!

A letter Kate wrote to her son Collin in her 2010 book, I Just Want You to Know, received attention in 2016 when fans started to notice his absence in family photos. Although Kate said Collin was "sweet, kind, and helpful" in the letter, she also acknowledged how his bad behavior affected her as a parent. "As you have grown, however, I must say you have also challenged my authority greatly. At two and a half, you began testing and trying my parenting at every chance," she said.

"I had to ask you every day, 'Who's in charge here: you or me?' You would reluctantly answer, 'You are.' As you have grown, this has not changed," Kate explained. "You continue to be determined to do what you want to do, and I continue to try to rein you in."

However, things are looking up for Collin after staying out of the spotlight for months. He was recently pictured with Hannah and Jon to celebrate his birthday, and their newest shopping trip photo shoot showed just how he happy he was to be with them. Fans were quick to point out the smile on Collin's face!

"Awh and he looks so happy to be out with you guys!! Love it," one fan on Instagram. Another said, "OMG so pleased to see Collin… [he] looks happy… [You] all look happy!"

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Happy 14th Birthday to Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin!!! I can’t believe it’s been this long!!! Whew that when fast!!! Daddy loves you all very much!!!

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While it's unclear how long Collin was kept away from his siblings, Jon opened up about what kind of relationship he had with Collin in January 2016 — just months after his son had been sent away. "I don't know what's going on. The whole point is, I'm left in the dark," he told Us Weekly. "I don't ever see Collin, ever. Not off the bus, because he doesn't go to school. Not at the gate, because he doesn't come down. Nothing. I am totally estranged from Collin because of Kate."

Well, it looks like times are changing. Jon and Collin have officially reconnected and it's truly heartwarming.

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