With the burden of having an enormous family — and the members of said enormous family now creating their own enormous families — the Duggars have gotten to be experts at saving money. But even with all their famed thriftiness, the Duggars can’t help but splurge on one beverage a little more than once in a while. And while we can relate, we’re surprised that the family can shell out for regular runs to this institution — and buy the larger sizes, no less.Watch our video above to find out which drink they can’t resist.

Of course, the Duggars are huge penny-pinchers in just about every other way, having developed many systems in order to save money.

They buy their weekly necessities in bulk.

buy in bulk

They also get most of their groceries at discount stores, warehouses, and co-ops.

And they make a lot of their own cleaning supplies.

duggars cleaning supplies

No joke! They have recipes for homemade cleaning wipes and laundry detergent. According to Michelle, “It costs $2 to make 10 gallons of laundry detergent that will last [them] 2 months.” Insane.

They get all of their clothes at thrift stores.

duggar family thrift stores

The Duggars are big believers in getting things secondhand, so they make frequent thrift store runs to pick up clothes, toys, and well, everything else.

And likewise, they buy all their vehicles used.

duggar family car

We’re not really sure if that slashes the price significantly for all those airplanes, but they’re clearly getting a discount by buying cars that are at least three years old, or even older.

And they know how to utilize freebies, especially when it comes to eating out.

duggar family free meals

When they go to restaurants, the Duggars love to hunt down spots where kids eat for free — which you consider all the little ones and grandkids, it’s pretty much a highway robbery.

And yet for all their money-saving skills, they still can’t ignore spending a little extra on coffee. Not just any coffee, either: the Duggars have found themselves suckered in by an emerald green siren. Guess they really aren’t all that much different from everyone else after all.

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