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Duggar Fans Think They’ve Discovered Where All the Family’s Money Is Coming From

Hold up, has the Duggar family been posting ads on Instagram? Over the years, fans have noticed plenty of posts that look like they could be sponsored content — and they're starting to get suspicious. And no, we're not just talking about the pictures where they're blatantly advertising Christian causes, like when they hawked Date Night with the Duggars or reminded fans it was "not too late to see Genesis: Paradise Lost in theaters!" After all, it's been suspected for years that the Duggars have an agreement with conferences like ALERT that they can attend for free if they use their platform to promote the events to their followers. We're talking about the more subtle advertising like constantly posting about Chick-Fil-A.

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Perfect way to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day! #chickfila #freechikin

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The whole Cow Appreciation Day likely has more to do with getting free sandwiches than anything else (after all, any family of 30+ people would love a bargain), but you don't need to post a photo to get the deal. And you definitely don't need to add the hashtags #chickfila and #eatmorechikin every time you share a picture of your lunch. Yep, it's all pretty blatant — and fans are starting to suspect that it's product placement. After all, that would explain where all their money comes from since you know Jana Duggar most likely isn't making a ton as a "concert pianist" or whatever all those Duggar jobs are.

Sure, there's no #ad or #sponsored tag on most of the posts, but that doesn't stop their followers from speculating. "This is definitely [an] ad," wrote a fan about one of Jill Duggars's Instagrams in a thread on the /r/CountingOn subreddit. "For sure," agreed another. "I saw this too!" commented a third. "I thought to myself is she trying to get free [products]? Then I thought, isn’t she supposed to use #ad…" Check out all the other suspected product placement posts from the Duggars below.

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