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Duggar Kids’ Dreams and Ambitions Cruelly Squashed by Their Duggardom

The Duggars are known for a lot of things: maxi skirts, an obsession with pickles, and stressing me out about 20 times a day. One thing they're not known for, however, is having high ambitions…probably because the plight of Duggardom means that Jim Bob and Michelle crush those dreams real quick. And it may be a direct shutdown or just the result of being raised in this family. But ultimately, there are certain rules to be followed, a major one being that you can't stray far from the herd (plane trips aside, Laredo can't be that much different than Tontitown). If you're one of the boys, your ambitions may be slightly humored before you end up a real estate agent or pilot i.e. a Jim Bob clone. And send help if you hope for a career as a Duggar daughter, because your default end game is God-fearing housewife whose best-case scenario is using her skills for the family's benefit. That's why it's heart-wrenching reading the little girls' bios and reading that their future goals are legitimate professions like, "veterinarian" and "doctor."

They don't know, guys. They don't know. Scroll down to some fun examples of the Duggar kids wasted potential, burnt out by the curse of being a Duggar.

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