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Are the Duggars in Danger of a Lack of Nutrition? A Peek Into Their Pantry

Whenever a new Duggar family recipe is posted to their blog, it’s safe to say most people tend to cringe at the bizarre mix of foods that they put together to create a “meal.” Thing is, when you’re feeding a family of 19, you’re not going to pick up a copy of Goop and ply your passel of kids with kale. We get that. But in the efforts to save money and serve many, the Duggar family has spent years relying on bizarre cheesy casseroles and fast food freebies to sustain themselves.

Back in the day, we’d understand this; with so many kids in the family, the Duggars definitely had some years where money was tight. But now they’re all getting that sweet TLC paycheck to pay for their lifestyle, and it seems weird to justify how unhealthily they’re eating.

Look, the Duggars set aside so much money to make their teeth shine, you’d think they’d make an effort to keep their food relatively healthy. Seriously, the Duggars set aside ample funds on private planes, so you’d think they’d be willing to shell out for meals that aren’t Velveeta-based.

As a result, we decided to peer into the Duggar family to see if there was any nutritional value to their diet. And before you ask, no, we’re not necessarily leading a healthy lifestyle ourselves. Like, personally had some popcorn for breakfast and ate six Kit-Kats for lunch the entire time this story was being typed. But to closely examine people based on decisions we can’t necessarily hold up ourselves … well, isn’t that the Duggar way? We just hope the family is thinking of their health, that’s all it’s really about here.

Keep scrolling to learn about what the Duggar children consume as part of their daily diet.

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