Joe Gorga appears to be tapping out of being part of Real Housewives of New Jersey cast, after he stormed off the set during the reunion taping while yelling, “I’m done. F–k you people. You know what? I quit!”

The heated moment came at the very end of the trailer for the three-part reunion, which dropped on Monday, April 25. In it, his sister, Teresa Giudice, called him a “bitch boy.” The 42-year-old shot back at her, “You’ve gotta stop talking me down,” before getting up and leaving the taping in a fury.

The two had another heated exchange backstage that was caught on camera. It was shown in black and white as the promo opened. Clad in her glittery jumpsuit for the taping, Teresa, 49, yelled at Joe, “I wish you would tell f–king Margaret [Josephs] to shut the f–k up,” in an argument that appeared to be over how her costar has been questioning the character of Teresa’s now-fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas, all season long.

Tre then appeared to imply Margaret’s husband, Joe Benigno needed a “slapping,” telling her brother, “This f–ker and his wife talking about my f–king boyfriend. You should be slapping him upside his f–king head.” Joe had enough and walked away, as cameras followed him down a backstage hallway as he snapped back at Teresa, “You know what? Be a sister once in a while.”

Host Andy Cohen later confronted Louie directly during the reunion taping about some less than flattering alleged reports about his past behavior. “There’s road rage incidents, slashed a girlfriend’s tire, physical abuse in front of kids. Is any of it true?” Andy, 51, asked as Louie, 46, was seen nervously looking away.

Teresa and Margaret, 55, got into an epic “food fight” during a couple’s cast trip to Nashville after Tre accused her former pal of trying to dig up unsavory dirt on Louie and giving the information to bloggers. During the April 12 episode of the show, the war of words escalated to the point where Teresa got up and shoved all the drinks and food plates in front of her toward her frenemy.

The three-part Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion begins airing on Tuesday, April 27,  at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo, with parts 2 and 3 airing on the following Tuesdays.

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