After an alleged sex tape of ASAP Rocky (real name: Rakin Mayers) leaked online on Wednesday, December 18, social media couldn’t help but react to the news. The video — which was called “Rock Hard BBC destroys Paig” — was uploaded on Porn Hub, but it has not been confirmed whether the man in the video is the 31-year-old rapper.

However, one of the reasons viewers thinks ASAP is in the tape is there is a tattoo on the man’s stomach, which reads “ASAP.” Additionally, people also noticed a small tattoo on the man’s left hand, which looks eerily similar to the one ASAP has. The “Live Fast” singer hasn’t released any sort of statement just yet.

Social media users were less than impressed with the clip, to say the least. One person wrote, “ASAP Rocky’s sex tape is literally the worst,” while another echoed, “ASAP Rocky is bad at sex.” A third person chimed in, writing, “ASAP Rocky [is] trending for the wrong reason right now. SMH.”

ASAP Rocky Wearing a Suit in Front of a Green Wall
Swan Gallet/WWD/Shutterstock

It wouldn’t be a total shock if the New York native was involved in this salacious act since he confessed in October that he has been struggling with sex addiction since junior high school. “I was horny,” he said during an episode of Angie Martinez’s Untold Stories of Hip Hop. “I ain’t even have no sperm in my testicles yet, but I literally just was horny. These are things people stay away from, they don’t like to admit it. I can’t be embarrassed about it.”

ASAP — who has dated Kendall Jenner, Chanel Iman and Iggy Azalea — also revealed in October 2018 that he had his first orgy at just 13 years old. “Yeah, I was at Booker T Washington [High School] in New York City,” he recalled to Esquire magazine at the time. “My dad had went to jail for drugs, so my mom moved us to a homeless shelter on 104th and Broadway. Our school was like three blocks away, and they used to let us out for lunch, for 45 minutes. The first time was in this apartment building. We took the elevator to the roof, and everybody put their coats on the ground. There were like five girls and 10 guys, and we all just took turns.”

The Grammy nominee also explained that his sexual experiences have continued to this day. “Yeah, man, lot of orgies,” he added. “I’ve photographed and documented many of them. The women that I’m around are into that free-spirited s—t like me. Usually guys are insecure with working, successful women. They can’t handle it when it’s on the other foot, you know? So, they get a guy like me, they know I don’t want to break their hearts or nothing. And why not? Let’s smoke some good weed in the teepee and have a fun time!”

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