When Jill Duggar confirmed that her husband Derick Dillard had decided to go to law school, fans were already feeling WTF enough. But now, they’ve got another thing to talk about — the Duggar in-law’s excitement over his school locker. Look, we’d get it if any of the actual Duggars were excited about having a locker. After all, they never got the chance to go to real school and have one, and we’re pretty sure they all work out at home, so it’s not like they’re hitting up their local YMCA either. But Derick wasn’t home-schooled — so why’s he freaking out? Watch the video about to see Derick’s new locker and what fans had to say about it. 

When Derick posted an Instagram about his new locker, captioning it, “Excited to get my locker assignment after 11 years without one! #lawschool,” his followers got to snarking in the comments. “What law school has lockers?! Lol,” wrote one user. While some people were actually jealous of Derick’s locker — “You guys are lucky to get a Locker. In the UK we use suitcases to carry our books around for our law degrees” — others seemed to be pretty unimpressed. “Those are the smallest lockers I’ve ever seen and I taught preschool,” read another comment. 

Though we’re actually kind of excited for Derick to enter the real world and have to go back to school and get a job to support his family, we get where fans are coming from when they leave comments like, “A lawyer with a locker -& braces … just sayin.” The former Counting On star has made plenty of enemies for himself with his transphobic comments about Jazz Jennings and his controversial statements about the Parkland shooting. These days, a lot of the family’s former fans are just looking for any reason to hate him. But at least some fans are on his side. Well, kind of: “Guys if he becomes a lawyer he can take care of his family at least one of them will have a job.” For Derick’s followers, that’s pretty generous.

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