Do we hear wedding bells?! John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett got engaged in July, but they already seemingly have a wedding date. The Counting On stars are allegedly registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, and now it looks like their big day is set for Nov. 3, 2018. That’s not too far away!

According to the anti-Duggar Facebook page, Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray, John and Abbie will be “married the first weekend of November” and “not in Arkansas.” Perhaps they’ll tie the knot in Abbie’s hometown in Oklahoma? 

In a separate post, the admin for the group wrote, “Another source sent me the actual wedding invitation. The venue of the wedding and reception are hidden for privacy reasons.”

A November wedding would make sense, though. After all, the Duggars are known for their quickie engagements and they run down the aisle for a reason… to make out, duh. In fact, fans have a theory as to why their courtships last about 3.5 seconds. They have urges

Reddit started a thread specifically dedicated to this subject, and one person speculated, “Kendra [Caldwell] and Lauren [Swanson] said they were surprised” about getting engaged, “which makes me wonder if the boys talk to Jim Bob about having feelings or desires about women and JIm Bob doesn’t want another scandal so he goes and finds them a wife.” Other users quickly chimed in, adding, “I always had a suspicion of this too. Between Josh and Jill both having been quoted by others as ‘hormonal’ and ‘boy crazy’ respectively, and then their rather immediate courtships and marriages… it wouldn’t surprise me if Jim Bob uses his local celebrity status for that.”

That said, these two have been breaking a ton of rules lately — like going on unchaperoned dates and grabbing each other’s butts at Walmart. No, we’re not joking. In other words, we wouldn’t be surprised if John and Abbie take a while to walk down the aisle, simply to spite Jim Bob. 

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