Hey OG Duggar fans, do you remember Derick Dillard looking a little different when we first met him on 17 Kids and Counting in 2014? His face definitely looks a lot thinner and slightly differently shaped, and fans believe an orthodontic surgery from 2015 is to blame. Watch the video above to see a comparison between his old look and his new one.

Fans noticed a major difference in Derick's appearance after he returned from his mission trip to El Salvador in 2015. People speculated that he may have come down with some kind of parasite while overseas which caused him to lose weight, but then he revealed that he underwent a palatte expansion surgery before the trip, and had to find an orthodontist in the country to fix something that broke off while healing.

Palatte expansions require fracturing and cutting bones in a patient's mouth, and then the space is reconfigured over time with an insert at the roof of their mouth. This is common for kids, who are still growing and have more flexible bones, so you usually can't tell a difference. But for adults, since their skulls are fully grown and more brittle, it can cause complications and a noticable physical difference in the face. That most likely accounts for why his chin looks thiner and his face more crooked.

Fans think he might still be self-conscious about the way he looks now, because one reddit user noticed that all of his social media profile photos are old, from before his face started looking different. "I feel bad for Derick because it changed his features so much, and not for the better," said one kind soul. "He looks so odd now. I’m sure there was a less invasive way to treat whatever problem he was trying to fix." Other people think karma is to blame.

"He's an ugly person on the inside so it shows on the outside after the surgery," said a hater. "It kind of reminds me of Shallow Hal. We see the real him now." We don't know about karma, but Derick's TLC bosses seemed to feel the same way. He was fired for making homophobic remarks about his channel co-star Jazz Jennings late last year.

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