It was fate! 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Deavan Clegg opened up about how she met her new boyfriend, Christopher “Topher” Park, and it turns out they first crossed paths while she was still in a relationship with her estranged husband, Jihoon Lee.

“The way I met Topher was I was flying to [South] Korea the first time back in November, it was the first time I was filming. It would be the first time I met Jihoon’s family,” Deavan, 23, revealed during a YouTube interview with blogger John Yates.

She explained they met in Los Angeles while they were transferring flights and they connected on the plane. “When we got off the plane, it was just like, ‘K, bye. Great talk.’ You know?” the Utah resident added. “He was going to go see his ex-girlfriend and I was seeing my ex. So nothing there, we didn’t swap numbers. Nothing like that.”

Coincidentally, Topher, 27, and Deavan are from the same town in California and have a mutual friend. Topher was hanging out with that friend was scrolling through their Instagram feed when Deavan’s account popped up and he immediately recognized her. “That was by the time I actually had came back to America six months ago. And he just followed me and he’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s so crazy, I can’t believe you used to be from this city,'” Deavan explained.

They continued to communicate via social media and had their first date in Los Angeles, where they spent the weekend together amid quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. Three weeks later, Topher took a trip to Utah to visit Deavan and they’ve been in a relationship ever since.

“He’s a great person, he’s really kind. I don’t want people to think anything weird. It was just a coincidence and it’s really funny cause we found out he was in New York the same time as me, which was crazy,” she gushed. “And we didn’t even know this, that we’re from the same hometown, that we were on these flights at the same time, and we just think it’s super crazy how the world works. We just like to think that the world was trying to give us the chance to meet but we just kept like, walking past each other.”

The OnlyFans content creator went on to gush over Topher’s relationship with her children — she has a 5-year-old daughter named Drascilla from a previous relationship and shares 19-month-old son Taeyang with Jihoon, 31.  “He’s a very calm human being. he’s a lot like my dad, Steve, they are very similar personalities when it comes to just being calm, cool, collected,” Deavan continued, adding that he “instantly fell in love” with both of her kids.

In August, In Touch confirmed Deavan had already moved on and was in a relationship with the aspiring actor following her split from Jihoon after about one year of marriage. Deavan confirmed the couple took their relationship to the next level and moved in together.

90 Day Fiance's Deavan Topher Post
Courtesy Deavan Clegg/Instagram

“We do live with each other. It just kind of happened with like quarantine. It just felt right with just everything and we really thought about it, really talked about it,” Deavan revealed. “To some people, it may be really fast and we both can understand that. We’ve thought about everything and this is how we feel we should give it a shot instead of waiting two years and then finding out, ‘Oh, it’s not gonna work.’”

The TLC reality TV personality also responded to fans who felt she moved on too quickly to another relationship after her breakup from her husband. “I can see that point of view completely but at the same time, you gotta take mental into it,” she explained. “At that point, Jihoon and I both had been mentally out of love for a very long time, so that’s also what helped us both move forward with future relationships because when you’re both mentally were over each other for a long time, that’s also a factor.”

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