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Though the whole teen bride thing sort of eclipsed it at the time, young Courtney Alexis Stodden burst into the Hollywood scene with dreams of being an actress. In fact, her meetcute (if you can call it that) with Doug Hutchison happened when he was running an acting workshop and Courtney wanted to brush up on her skills. Instead, Courtney married her way into the spotlight and found another outlet to channel that theatrical energy: by splintering into multiple personalities on YouTube. And if you thought that Courtney had too much personality to begin with, than that only goes double for her bizarre alter-egos.

But here’s a plot twist for you: as Courtney’s gotten older, her craft has actually gotten, well, more well-crafted. Who knows, maybe she’ll be the next Marilyn Monroe after all. Scroll down to meet all of Courtney’s crazy alter-egos.

Courtina Stodden

So Courtina is Courtney’s boob-jiggling, brunette long-lost sister from the country of…actually we don’t know what the country is, and her garbled accent doesn’t help. “Soo, one day I go to groce store and I pick up magazine, I flip through, and all of a sudden I see me! But no-no me!” Rough. And like, kind of offensive in a way that we can’t place because we’re not sure to what ethnicity this is even offensive to. Courtina doesn’t stick around Hollywood for very long, because Courtney moved on to bigger and better things…kind of.

Courtland Stodden

Courtland, like Courtina, is another “relative” of Courtney, as she explains so eloquently. “Let me get one thing straight,” Courtland announces. “Courtney and I are half-sisters. At least I have half of my f–king dignity left.” Dead.

The pseudo-punk Courtland is still is a pretty cringe look, though. Basically, we’re watching Courtney in a black wig, legs akimbo, roasting herself for three minutes. There’ are moments of unintentional hilarity, like when she shouts, “I’M FROM WASHINGTON STATE, OK?” and mentions in passing, “I have a band.” Courtney herself is from Washington — she was Miss. Ocean Shores, after all — but clearly Courtland is supposed to be emblematic of the more grunge side of the state. You know, the side that’s more real.

Hello Courtney

Uhhhh, don’t know about this one, fam. So in this vintage vid, Courtney is crawling around in a tutu, with painted on whiskers, lapping up water from a bowl and calling herself “Hello Courtney.” But really, it’s when we get to her big hairball scene that we have to turn away. Unless like, you’re into that, which no doubt someone on the Internet is.

Melania Trump

Maybe not an alter-ego but definitely an unforgettable Halloween costume. In 2017, Courtney decided to take on the first lady by possibly recycling her Courtina wig and accent. Mmmm. Still, her impression is on-point, she really nailed Melania’s squintiness.

Tamra Munn

Tamra is the most striking Courtney alter-ego. She has a bummer made-up, dark past filled with creepy anecdotes about how her mom tried to sell her virginity for $500 (yikes, where is that coming from?) and flaunts her drug use “I did crack up until six days ago,” Tamra declares with a depressing sense of pride. And as for what the future holds for Tamra? “I don’t know,” she says, eyes askew. “Never really thought about that.”

And yet the most surprising thing about Tamra? It shows a vulnerable and tragic kind of Courtney that can really act.

At least, we’re hoping she’s still acting.

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