She’s the Immaculate Lady of Extra these days, but we’ll never forget that Courtney Stodden originally made headlines at 16 years old for getting hitched to then-50-year-old Doug Hutchison. What we do try to forget was that at the time, the most jarring part wasn’t that she was a teen bride. It was that she looked like a 42-year-old divorceé who just lost the trailer in her settlement. And no matter how much we love Courtney for her extra-ness (and we do, she is a goddess and an icon) we still can’t behind that dark and perplexing phase.

We think, in part, Doug was to blame for this transformation. When you get married to a 50-year-old man, you grow up real fast in an effort to catch up. The good news is that today at 23, Courtney looks younger than she did at 16. Seriously, we’d be as bold as to say she’s slaying it right now.