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Shade All You Want, But Courtney Stodden Isn’t All That Different From Marilyn Monroe

Real Talk: Courtney Stodden is the new Marilyn Monroe, and if you're clutching your pearls at that, you need to doubletake on your idea of Marilyn Monroe. Sure, we know superficially, the bleached hair and boob job have made Courtney Stodden Monroe-esque over the last few years. No doubt did the singer and socialite take some inspiration from the Golden Age goddess. But the two also are bound by similar scandals and lifestyle choices. You can side-eye Courtney's figure-hugging wardrobe all you want, but those clinging lamé dresses are absolutely fit for a 2018 Marilyn.

Courtney clearly idolizes the actress, which definitely has something to do with all of her mirroring. In fact, the former teen bride visited Marilyn's grave in 2016 to honor the anniversary of the starlet's death. She came equipped with white roses and a handwritten note. "If I could wish you a star and make my dream come true, it would be that you and I could've met one day," she wrote. "I know that's impossible because we're two girls from completely different eras, but if I could bring you back for just one day, I'd tell you how much you're missed." Awww.

Now, we're sure that you're willing to argue that Courtney Stodden is more like the new Marilyn-obsessed Anna Nicole Smith. Positing that theory, you could argue that the bosomy Anna Nicole was the new Jayne Mansfield. And in saying that, you could say that Jayne Mansfield was the new Marilyn Monroe.

So according to Hollywood law, Courtney has earned and inherited the role of the new Marilyn Monroe, case closed.

Ok, if you really need some convincing, it helps to remember that despite Marilyn's status as a timeless and classic icon, she was also simultaneously scandalous and a quite vulnerable woman. Perhaps she would have found a soul sister in young Courtney. No doubt the 23-year-old has found a sister in Marilyn. Below, a sampling of traits the blonde bombshells have in common.

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