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Joe and Kendra ‘Make Room for Baby’ and Hannie ‘Side-Eyes Josiah’ in Last Night’s ‘Counting On’

If you missed last night’s new episode Counting On, stop hyperventilating, because I’m here to tell you what’s what. The episode was hilariously titled “Make Room for Baby,” something that may as well be translated into Latin and written on a scroll over the Duggar family crest. The crest, no doubt, is a shield with two pickles crossing in battle, an airplane taking flight in the middle, and probably some other baby making-related metaphor because these are the horniest people of all time. 

But I’m getting off topic.

This episode, like last week’s episode, is heavily anchored around the non-antics of Joseph Duggar and child bride Kendra Caldwell. They’re finishing up renovations on their new home and going to surprise (lol “surprise”) the fam with a baby announcement, a plot that’s been done on this show roughly 5,000 times. On the upswing, we get a shot of Jana Duggar on a tractor, so I’ll let that small ray of sunshine light up my otherwise bleak career.  

In all seriousness, there’s nothing I love more than watching the Josiah and Lauren Swanson courtship passionlessly unfolds before my eyes, so please join me in recapping the most hilarious moments of “Make Room For Baby.” And trust me, even the Duggars can’t contain themselves. 

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